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Only really for the Crysosphere sysop

Posted: Mon Nov 28, 2022 9:47 pm
by SlySven
i recently stumbled across Crysophere MUD and noted that they did mention a couple of ancient (10 years or more ago) versions of Mudlet in their list of MUD client programs. They have a listing which reported the features/issues of each client but the ones for our client are somewhat outdated nowadays. I put together a new page with the details updated for the current Mudlet version 4.16.0 only to find that my ISP has tweaked its outgoing mailer to such an extent that I cannot send an HTML document as an attachment in anyway without it being blocked as SPAM. :twisted:

As a work around I am going to post the page here for the interested party (they know who they are) to pick up - but it won't render quite correctly for anyone else even if it is readable...
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