Mudlet and FreeBSD

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Mudlet and FreeBSD

Post by SlySven » Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:43 am

In case anyone had spotted a slight change in my Avatar I will explain that I have recently installed and started using FreeBSD on my now Triple-boot main PC {I had experimented with the GNU/Hurd but never got it to install but maybe if I wait a bit longer (another 10 years) perhaps that will be a bit close to getting to Version 1.0 :lol: }. After a bit of frobbing I have managed to get it to compile and run on the current OS 11.1-RELEASE version:


However the main sticky thing is that the luarocks version on that version of FreeBSD is based on Lua 5.2 and I have to arrange for a 5.1 version to be available for Mudlet to get a couple of modules that come in a rocks form.

I will have to sit down and work out how to create the set of instructions needed to make a Mudlet entry into the "Ports" system that is used on that platform to build packages from source but it has been an interesting task so far... :geek:

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