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by Lightbender
Sat Sep 19, 2020 1:00 am
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Topic: Can't select color for trigger
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Can't select color for trigger

When I try to set a color trigger I just get two buttons that say "Foreground color ignored" and "Background color ignored". When I click on the button nothing happens (I expect a color picker to come up). Am I doing something wrong here? I can't find anything that explains how t...
by Lightbender
Thu Sep 17, 2020 10:20 pm
Forum: Help Forum
Topic: Parse from Mud that sends data in xml
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Parse from Mud that sends data in xml

My mud will send data in ansi or xml format. It doesn't do any of the other powerful formats. However I would like to take advantage of the fancy capabilities that xml provides like seeing whether something is a monster or a player. However, I don't see a way to have Mudlet automagically parse the x...
by Lightbender
Fri Jul 24, 2020 7:45 pm
Forum: Scripts & Packages
Topic: NannyMUD Starter Module
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NannyMUD Starter Module

I haven't found much on Mudlet for NannyMUD so I've created a starter module to help people get started on this mud. It's a pretty simple mud so the module is pretty simple. You can find the script on GitHub by searching for NannymudMudletModule for an up-to-date version and to become a contributor....